Is HVAC Duct Cleaning Worth It?


Dust, dirt, contaminants, and pollutants all suspend themselves in the air easily.  They’re tracked in from outside on your shoes and clothes, then deposited on every surface before eventually being whisked away into the ductwork of your home. Which begs the question, is HVAC duct cleaning worth it?

Of course, a slight amount of surface dust adhering to the inside of your ductwork isn’t a problem. Some dust in your ventilation system is going to be trapped there. Getting your system cleaned out is only necessary if contaminants are being pushed back into the air.

To be clear, you really should only need a thorough cleaning of your ventilation ducts for:

  • Mold
  • Renovations
  • Contaminants
  • Animals in Ducts
  • Unexplained Illness

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Most Common Reasons To Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Mold and animals nesting in the ductwork are the two most common reasons to have your ventilation ducts cleaned. Unlike dust which sticks to the surface, mold releases spores into the atmosphere, spreading and contaminating the air in your home. If mold has become a problem, then it’s best to get it cleaned up straight away.

Nesting animals are just as bad. The waste left behind by rodents and birds is easily carried by the forced air currents. Nesting materials, animal fur or down, and any other contaminants can lead to irritants and contaminants in the air. Usually, the clearest sign that this has happened is a strong, unrelenting increase in allergy or asthma symptoms, visible contaminants blowing from the vents whenever the air is turned on, or the sounds of animals in the ductwork.

Any signs of general contaminants in your ductwork, signified by unexplained increases in allergies or as part of a routine check after completing renovations to your home, should be cleaned up quickly. As has already been said, some dust in the ventilation ducts is expected and not a problem. You’re looking for large amounts of loose dust and debris or major obstructions. If you look into the ventilation ducts and see massive spider webs, mounds of dust, or a haze from floating contaminants, it’s time to get the ductwork cleaned out.

Get a Full System Cleaning

It’s always best to get everything done at once. Professional cleaning services use a series of pressurized blowers and scrubbers to remove all the allergens from dust, mold, and animal hair from your ductwork. But this isn’t where it should stop. Your entire HVAC system is an interconnected unit. While some people maintain that the jury is still out on how effective cleaning your ductwork is for energy efficiency, we know for a fact that replacing your air filter and having your condenser and evaporator coils cleaned will give you an increase in efficiency.

If you’re already cleaning out the ductwork, it’s worth spending extra to have a full cleaning conducted on your HVAC system as well. There’ll be less dust to deal with overall, and your central heating and cooling system will work better than it was before you had it cleaned. When you’re finished, you’ll be left with clean, clear air that’s free of contaminants and irritants.

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