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Has your air conditioner stopped working or are you concerned that it may not make it through the summer? Our Home Comfort Heroes are standing by 24/7 to perform an air conditioner repair in the greater Des Moines area. With our Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee, you can schedule your AC repair service with no worries!

Pay Attention To These AC Repair Signs

  • Rising Power Bill
  • Increased Humidity
  • AC Shutting Off Or Won’t Turn On
  • Loud Noises From the AC Unit
  • Unexplained Odors
  • Leaks Around the AC Unit
  • Evaporator Coils Freezing
  • Dripping Water

Our highly trained service technicians throughout the Des Moines, IA area are ready to help you get your air conditioner back up and running with cool air. We’ll do a thorough evaluation and give you an exact “to the penny” price to repair your AC before moving forward.

Service Legends’ air conditioning specialists are highly trained to repair virtually any make and model of air conditioning system. What’s more, we offer in-house financing with approved credit and offer the Service Legends 10-year Parts & Labor Warranty to protect your investment.

To make sure you keep your cool this summer, call Service Legends to schedule an appointment for an AC repair service in the greater Des Moines area. Our technicians are trained, tested, and ready to save the day at any time. They have everything you need, 24/7, to handle all your heating or cooling needs. Everything except a cape!

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We have the best warranties and guarantees in the heating and cooling industry!

Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee

When we come to your home to diagnose your air conditioner, we guarantee it will be accurate or else the diagnostic is on us.

Technician Seal of Safety Guarantee

We have the only HVAC technicians in the Des Moines area who have been granted the Technician Seal of Safety. This certification means our techs are fully trained, background checked, drug tested, and backed by $5,000,000 in insurance coverage.

True 24 Hour Service

Your requests will be answered 24 hours a day and 365 days a year by a Service Legends Client Care Specialist.

Straight Forward Pricing

We’ll always give you an exact price before moving forward with any services. No add-on charges, hidden charges, surcharges, or ‘oops, I forgot to add this on’ charges! If we perform work without giving you a straightforward price, the work is on us.

Professional Technician

If any of our staff swears, uses tobacco on your property, or is not friendly, the service is free.

Same Low Price

No After Hour Charges

Whether it takes us 5 minutes or 5 hours to diagnose and troubleshoot your AC repair, our $99 diagnostic fee remains the same low price at 5 AM or 5 PM – no additional after-hour charges or weekend charges – we promise! You can expect the same great service from skilled and NATE-certified HVAC technicians to repair your air conditioner.

Service Legends is proud to be a leader in heating and cooling in Des Moines. We believe our values and commitment to legendary customer service set us apart from everyone else in the HVAC industry. Not only are our product offerings unmatched, but the top-notch work we do for furnaces and air conditioners also can’t be beaten. Plus, with our guarantees, you can be sure that our Home Comfort Heroes will leave you with maximum comfort and peace of mind.

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Repair or Replace?

Free Second Opinion

Despite the improved efficiency of most new air conditioners, it’s generally more cost-effective to repair an air conditioner than to replace it. However, if a key component, such as the heat exchanger or control module fails, you’re probably better off replacing the air conditioner, especially if the unit is more than about 10 years old.

The average lifespan for central air conditioners is about 10-15 years. If your AC unit is heading into its retirement years, our HVAC service technicians may be able to extend its years of service with a thorough AC maintenance plan.

Get More When You Restore

Feel confident in your decision to repair or replace your air conditioner. If a contractor tells you that you have to replace your AC, give us a call. We are happy to provide a free second opinion to ensure you have a proper diagnosis of your cooling system. This service is provided to you at no charge and you are under no obligation to use Service Legends.

If you need a second pair of eyes to check your home’s cooling system, you can count on Service Legends. Call us at 515-657-6634 to experience the legendary difference with a free second opinion.

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Air Conditioner Repair


Condensers & Condenser Repair

What’s a Condenser?

Chances are you’ve noticed one or two large, metal boxes outside of your home. Those are your AC system’s condensers. Inside of the condenser is your refrigerant, a compressor, a condenser coil, a capacitor, an electromagnet, a fan, some relay switches, and other electronic and mechanical components that vary from system to system.

Your condenser is where a lot of the magic happens; it’s where the refrigerant is compressed and pumped to the evaporator coil, and where the refrigerant returns to release heat.

What Should I Look For?

If you notice that your home isn’t cooling or is taking a long time to cool, it could be a condenser issue. If you go outside and notice any leaks around your condenser or strange noises when the fan turns on, you should call an AC technician immediately.

What Causes Condensers to Malfunction or Fail?

One of the primary suspects is electricity or lack thereof. The first thing we do before we even open up the condenser is make sure it’s getting electricity. If we check the breaker box and notice a problem, we will have to refer an electrician to solve that issue first.

The majority of issues we find in condensers are refrigerant leaks, broken capacitors, broken belts, faulty relay switches, motor failure, or a faulty or broken condenser coil. There are a number of other issues, but these are the most common ones.

How We Fix It.

After ensuring your condenser is being supplied with electricity, we take into account any signs you may have noticed. Because refrigerant goes between a gas and a liquid state, refrigerant leaks aren’t always noticeable. So the next thing we do is use an electronic leak detector to find out if your refrigerant is leaking and locate the leak. If we do find a leak, we can replace the pipe or coil that’s leaking and recharge your system.


If your system uses R-22 refrigerant, keep in mind that R-22 is being phased out by 2020. That means if your refrigerant leaks after the year 2020, you will have to replace your entire system. If we are inspecting a system that uses R-22 refrigerant, we will give you options to replace your AC system with a new one that uses R-410a.

We strongly recommend upgrading your system before the 2020 phase-out so you can budget, plan ahead, and not be surprised with a large expenditure in the near future.

After we determine whether or not a refrigerant leak is causing your condenser to malfunction, we will run some other diagnostics to test the capacitor, belts, relay switches, condenser coil, and fan motor. We will then provide options for any parts that need to be replaced in your condenser.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Condensate Drain Line Repair

What’s a Condensate Drain Line?

Your AC system has an evaporator coil in your attic that get’s really cold, usually as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As this coil cools the warm air moving past it, it produces condensation.

Underneath the evaporator coil is a drain pan that catches condensation as it falls. The condensation is then directed through an insulated ¾-inch PVC pipe that ties into a drain line underneath a sink in your home. This ¾-inch PVC drain is your condensate drain line.

What Should I Look For?

If you notice water marks on your ceiling, it could mean one of two things:

1) You have horizontal pipes that are leaking or, 2) your condensate drain line is backed up or sweating.

We won’t know what’s causing the water to drip to your ceiling until we go to your home. If it’s a leaking pipe, then we would refer a plumber to do a horizontal or whole-home repipe. But if it’s sweating or backed up condensate drain line, a John Moore AC technician can solve the problem with a condensate drain line repair.

As time passes, algae can start growing or rust from the evaporator coil can find its way inside of your condensate drain line. Rust, algae, or a combination of both get stuck at the connection point underneath your sink, and water begins to back up, causing your drain pan to overflow.

Luckily, there’s a secondary, emergency condensate drain line that can prevent your drain pan from overflowing for some time. The draining point of your emergency condensate drain line can be found somewhere underneath your roof soffits, usually above a window. If you see this pipe leaking water, you should call an AC technician to unclog your condensate drain line and empty your drain pan.

What Causes Condensate Drain Line Leaks?

So what causes the watermarks on your ceiling? It could be two things:

1) Your drain pan could be overflowing with water or, 2) The insulation around your condensate drain line has deteriorated or been chewed through by rodents in your attic, causing the drain line itself to sweat.

To identify the specific cause, a John Moore technician will inspect all the components of your AC system including the evaporator coil, drain pan, and drain lines.

How We Fix It.

If your condensate drain line is backed up, we clear the line from the connection point under your sink and inspect the water to determine whether the culprit is algae, rust, or both. If it’s rust, we will recommend replacing the evaporator coil so the same blockage doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

If we find algae, we will recommend a special plumbers formula you can put into the condensate drain line service port every month or so to prevent algae build-up. From there, we empty and clean the drain pan, run clean water through the condensate drain line to clean it out, and clear out the emergency condensate drain line with a wet vac.

If we inspect your condensate drain line and find that a lack of insulation is causing it to sweat water, we will look for signs of rodent bites and deterioration to determine the cause. More than likely, the insulation has deteriorated over time, but it’s also not uncommon for rodents to live in attics and chew on the insulation around the pipe.

In either case, Service Legends AC technicians can replace this insulation. But if we do determine that rodents chewed through the insulation, we will recommend and refer pest control to inspect your attic, rid it of all rodents, and take measures to prevent the problem from happening again.

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of components that affect one another in an air conditioner and HVAC system.

If something happens to one part of your AC system, it might not shut down immediately, but it will begin to affect other areas. For instance, if your refrigerant starts leaking, the indoor evaporator coil will get too cold and freeze up, which could permanently damage it. Just like with a car, as soon as you notice something isn’t right, you should call an AC technician before the problem gets worse.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to wait until there are obvious signs before calling. The majority of AC-related calls we get from homeowners are when their home can no longer reach a comfortable temperature or their system completely stops working. Unfortunately, waiting could mean more problems, more repairs, and more money spent down the road.

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