Our Team

Brian Leech Owner
Brian reely loves fishing, being a dad and serving the community. His most helpful HVAC tip is to change filters monthly. His favorite legendary superhero is Batman since he stands up for those who can’t fight for themselves.
Valerie Johannsen AGM, Sales & Marketing
Valerie is from sunny San Diego but has loved building relationships with the people in Iowa where it can be sunny, rainy and snowy all in one day. She likes Captain Planet because when powers combine — anything is possible.
Missy Gocke AGM, Operations
Missy is a reader, baker and record-holding swimmer. Her favorite superheroes are the Wonder Twins because she, too, enjoys working with teams that have a variety of strengths.
Curtis Parker Sales Manager
Curtis is a family man and a gamer. This Hulk fan never gets angry when it comes to serving clients and developing team members. His HVAC tip is never block your return vents with furniture.
Zack Murray Plumbing Manager
Zack enjoys fishing in a boat or on the ice, scuba diving, family vacations, and spending time with friends. And his favorite superhero is Aquaman, because he would love to communicate with creatures of the sea.
Javier Flores Client Service Manager
Javier is an experienced customer care manager with a demonstrated history of excellence. His top-three heroes are Rocky, Johnny Lawrence, and Michael Scott because they all inspire people.
Krista Smith Accounting Manager
Not only is Krista great at crunching numbers and solving problems, but she also loves nature walks, live concerts and hanging out with her cats. Her favorite superhero is Captain America because he always does the right thing.
Kristopher O’Tool Operations Manager
Kris is a cycling Cyclone who has peddled RAGBRAI 13 times. However, he never gets “two-tired” helping clients with their home comfort. As you might have guessed, this speedster enjoys Wile E. Coyote because he’s fast and never gives up.

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