Our Team

Bentley Junior Pawject Manager
Bentley loves providing tail-er-made solutions for each and every one of our clients. Her fur-ociously keen sense of comfort and paw-sitive attitude have quickly made her the top dog in the company.
Brian Leech Owner
Brian reely loves fishing, being a dad and serving the community. His most helpful HVAC tip is to change filters monthly. His favorite legendary superhero is Batman since he stands up for those who can’t fight for themselves.
Nick Barnes General Manager
Nick loves spending time with his family and friends, especially during a crisp fall evening around a campfire. His favorite superhero is Captain America because of his high moral code and wanting to do the right thing.
Kevin Elbert Director of Marketing
Kevin is a devoted uncle and sports enthusiast. When he's not cheering on the Hawkeyes or 49ers, he's busy creating unforgettable moments with his four awesome nephews and a fantastic group of friends and family.
Missy Gocke Finance & Team Support Manager
Missy is a reader, baker and record-holding swimmer. Her favorite superheroes are the Wonder Twins because she, too, enjoys working with teams that have a variety of strengths.
Kristopher O’Tool Operations Manager
Kris is a cycling Cyclone who has peddled RAGBRAI 13 times. However, he never gets “two-tired” helping clients with their home comfort. As you might have guessed, this speedster enjoys Wile E. Coyote because he’s fast and never gives up.
Curtis Parker Sales & Client Services Manager
Curtis is a family man and a gamer. This Hulk fan never gets angry when it comes to serving clients and developing team members. His HVAC tip is never block your return vents with furniture.
Jeff Fazio Plumbing & Electrical Manager
Jeff has a passion for making people smile! He loves to play board games, cook, watch movies, and go hiking with his wife and two kids. His favorite superhero is Thor because he is funny and can fly with his hammer.
Jeff Merrifield Installation Manager
Family is extremely important to Jeff. He loves being with his family and also loves hunting, fishing, being outdoors, gardening, and ultimate steward of the land. His favorite superhero is Wolverine because he always does what is right despite his rough demeanor and is not afraid to help someone in need.
Tanis Comegys HVAC Service Manager
Tanis has participated in a variety of sports over the years, but his passion outside of work is coaching wrestling. He enjoys outdoor activities including hunting and fishing, specifically ice fishing. He especially loves time with his wife and kids. Tanis' favorite superhero is Ironman because when you look past his arrogance and self-promoting attitude, he is the one always providing for the team and is willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team.
Alex Potzner Happiness Experience Manager
Alex has a passion for baking, working out and acknowledging every dog she sees. If you ever see her, she will be wrapped up in a blanket no matter how hot it is. Her favorite thing about Service Legends is seeing everyone's smiling faces in the morning (after they've had their coffee, of course).
Ryan Hudson Purchasing & Delivery Manager
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird...It's a plane...It's...probably one of Ryan's fireworks shows! This professional pyrotechnician helps make everything tick here at Service Legends. A devoted husband and proud father of three, Ryan is also known for being a jack of all trades musician, always grilling the perfect steak, and accounting for half of all Mountain Dew sales worldwide (unofficially).
Chelsie Warren Customer Service Manager
Chelsie is the radiant force behind our Client Care Department, ensuring every interaction ends with a smile. Known as "Queen" around the office, Chelsie's commitment to excellence and vibrant spirit make her an invaluable part of our team. When she's not ruling over her Client Care Castle, she's soaking up sunshine with her beloved boxers Chief and Drake, or cherishing moments of laughter and joy with family and friends.

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