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From leaks in your sink to toilets that stink, nobody is better qualified at plumbing repairs than your Des Moines Home Comfort Heroes at Service Legends. Leave it to your local plumbing pros at Service Legends. Our highly skilled plumbers are available 24/7 and licensed to tackle everything from pipes, pumps, toilets, drops, shower heads, faucet repairs and so much more!

We’re More Than Just Potty Trained

When you have plumbing problems, count on the fast, friendly expert service only Service Legends can provide. We provide the following plumbing repair services near you:

Water Heater Repairs

Is your hot water heater not doing its job? Call Service Legends plumbing repair technicians today for prompt water heater repairs and installation. We can fix all water heater problems including gas, electric, tank and tankless water heaters.

From hot water that gives off an odor to a complete lack of hot water, you can rely on Service Legends for water heater repairs in the Des Moines area. Our plumbing team will do everything to ensure your water heater lasts as long as it is rated for, and is as efficient as possible to keep your energy costs low. 

We will send a licensed and insured plumber to your home to diagnose your water heater issue. Call Service Legends to keep your water heater running like new for years and ensure that it provides reliable, affordable hot water for the duration of its lifespan.

Water Leak Detection & Repairs

There is a large network of plumbing connections and pipes that serve your home. A leak can happen anywhere down the line at any time. Sometimes it’s due to old connections and sometimes it’s due to things like frozen pipes or tree roots growing too close to the plumbing. 

Stop wasting water and costing yourself extra money on your water bill. Even the most menacing plumbing leak can lead to gallons of water loss on a monthly basis, leading to higher utility bills for you. We can find the cause of the leak as well as the exact location and then promptly repair the leak for you. Get professional help from a plumber who can fix the issue and get your plumbing back to normal in no time.

Sump Pump Repair

Springtime means rain and more rain for Iowans! It’s a good idea to invest in a sump pump so that when we are faced with inclement weather, we are prepared. Flooding is a very real hazard for homeowners throughout Central Iowa, and if your home is in a flood zone you could have a very serious problem on your hands.

One of the most common mistakes people make in regards to their sump pump is giving it too little attention. Regular preventive maintenance should be done on your sump pump to keep it in good operating condition. It is much wiser to schedule regular maintenance than just assuming it’s working fine and discover otherwise when it comes time to use it. If you do discover during maintenance or at any other time, that you are in need of sump pump repairs, our team is the one you can trust to do the job right.

Did You Know?

Des Moines residents can save on a new sump pump system installation (only new installs). Called the “Private Property Protection” program. 

The City will reimburse 100% of the cost to property owners who meet the program requirements. The maximum subsidy amount is $1,500. The reimbursement will be paid to the property owner.

Go to the Des Moines’ website for more details.

Toilet Repairs

A toilet that won’t stop running and is costing you money is wasted water is no laughing matter. There are many websites and YouTube videos that offer instructions for DIY toilet repair, however, when it comes to your home’s plumbing projects, trust the experts at Service Legends to handle what can often be a messy and complicated job.

Just give us a call, and our Des Moines plumbing service technicians will flush your toilet problems away. We can take care of most of your toilet problems, whether your toilet is overflowing, making weird noises, or you need a new toilet installed.

Bath / Shower Repairs

Have a bath or shower that’s in need of repair or replacement? Call your Home Comfort Heroes at Service Legends! Our service fee is just $99.

Faucet / Sink Repairs

Have a leaky faucet or cracked fixture? Repairs can be completed for as little as $200 and our diagnostic fee of $99 is always waived when you repair with us.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

There are actually a lot of things that can go wrong with garbage disposals. That’s partly due to the fact that people put things in there that should go in a trashcan. Or, in many cases, things fall into the garbage disposal that don’t belong there. Our team can take care of that for you.

We can’t get started until you give us a call. Let our plumbing pros carry out an inspection of your garbage disposal in order to make sure it is working the way it should. And if something is wrong we can go ahead and take care of that for you. For all of your Des Moines garbage disposal-related repairs, you can count on us to get the repair done right the first time, every time.

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You shouldn’t take a bath on bathroom repairs.

Let Service Legends flush your troubles down the drain. When you work with the team at Service Legends, you don’t have to worry about contracting out various different plumbing jobs to different contractors. Give us a call today to learn more about the comprehensive plumbing repairs and services we have to offer.

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Our Guarantees

Fixed Right Or It's Free And So Much More.

You won’t find another plumber in Des Moines that offers the same warranty and guarantee protections as we do. Give us a call today and see why thousands of homeowners rate Service Legends, a 5-star service company!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, we will make it right or refund all of your money.

Fixed Right Or It’s Free Guarantee

When we come to your home to diagnose your plumbing repair, we guarantee it will be accurate or else the diagnostic is on us.

StraightForward Pricing

We’ll always give you an exact price before moving forward with any services. No add-on charges, hidden charges, surcharges, or ‘oops, I forgot to add this on’ charges! If we perform work without giving you a straightforward price, the work is on us.

Professional Technician

If any of our staff swears, uses tobacco on your property or is not friendly, the service is free.

Same Low Price

No After Hour Charges

Whether it takes us 5 minutes or 5 hours to diagnose and troubleshoot your plumbing repair, our $99 service fee remains the same low price at 5 AM or 5 PM – no additional after-hour charges or weekend charges – we promise! You can expect the same great service from skilled and reliable plumbers.

At Service Legends, we believe our values and commitment to legendary customer service set us apart from everyone else in the plumbing industry. Not only are our product offerings unmatched, but the top-notch work we do for toilets, sump pumps, water heaters and more can’t be beaten. Plus, with our guarantees, you can be sure that our Home Comfort Heroes will leave you with ultimate peace of mind.

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Client Testimonial

5-Star Review

“Zack was very professional as he determined why we didn’t have hot water to the downstairs bathroom sink. Turns out it had never been hooked up when it was put in many years before. He kept me informed when he needed to leave to get parts and was able to get the job done in 2.5 hours.”

– Jean E., homeowner

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