Water Filtration System

On the Scene To Make Water Clean.

We’ve got the dirt on keeping water clean. Water filters provide better-tasting, cleaner water by removing a wider array of contaminants like dirt, sand, sediment, fluoride, pesticides, iron, sulfur, and chlorine. 

A drinking-water filtration system reduces issues like dissolved solids and contaminants in your drinking water. Many water treatment systems use multi-stage filtration to first remove sediment and then filter out other contaminants, including chlorine, that affect water taste and quality.

Common Water Issues

Identify the right water filtration solution for your unique water profile by following the signs. It might be time to take action if you spot any of these common water woes:

  • Chlorine taste or smell
  • Discolored, orange, or red water and staining
  • Blue or green staining
  • Sediment or debris
  • Rotten egg smell
  • Yellow staining
  • Metallic taste

A whole-home filtration system addresses water quality and water flow throughout your entire home. These systems are designed to reduce sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants, leaving you with cleaner, safer, fresher-tasting water and decreasing acidity in water that can corrode plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Water Filtration? Been there. Cleaned That.

Not sure if you need a water softener or water filtration system for your home or both? Get matched with your custom water solution today. Contact a home water expert at Service Legends today for a free water filtration consultation.

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We've Got the Dirt On Keeping Water Clean

Service Legends offers whole-home filtration solutions to your unique home water profile to give your water end-to-end VIP treatment. When it comes to water quality, one size does not fit all. We deliver customized solutions for great-tasting, odor-free water from every tap, every time. When you insist on Service Legends, you’re choosing efficient filtration systems that are easy on appliances but tough on contaminants.

Water That Beams With Benefits

Here’s just a sample of the many benefits to expect with a whole-house water filtration system.

  • Effective contaminant reduction
  • Refreshing water that tastes and smells better
  • Reduction of contaminants, minerals, silt, and debris
  • Reduce plastic waste

Our Guarantees

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You won’t find another plumber in Des Moines that offers the same warranty and guarantee protections as we do. Give us a call today and see why thousands of homeowners rate Service Legends, a 5-star service company! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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When we come to your home to diagnose your plumbing repair, we guarantee it will be accurate or else the diagnostic is on us.

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Equipment Guarantee

We guarantee that the water filtration system we have installed in your home will perform as we have stated. If the system during normal use in the first year, we will either repair or replace the system at no charge to you.

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If any of our staff swears, uses tobacco on your property or is not friendly, the service is free.

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“Nick was a fantastic plumbing expert. It was obvious that he cares a lot about his customers, his reputation, and the reputation of Service Legends, and for doing the right thing. He didn’t put any pressure on us but he did have a lot of information for us to use as we take care of various issues around the house.

I trust his recommendations and he never once tried to over-sell. He just laid out the pros of each level so we could make an informed decision. I will feel confident having him service our systems, knowing we have the right parts and service to meet our needs.

When it comes to kindness and respect, I think Nick hits the mark right on. He’s got a great attitude and his knowledge and experience are also above my expectations. I’m happy that Service Legends is expanding their services, too!”

Aaron B., homeowner

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