Top 5 Signs to Identify Damage Below Your Roof


Your home’s roof is built to keep you protected from the outside elements like rain, hail, and wind. However, even the sturdiest, most well-maintained roofs can succumb to storm damage like what we saw with Derecho’s recent destruction in the Midwest

It’s important to be able to spot the signs of storm damage below your roof as it may impact the structural integrity of your home.

Learn more about the 5 signs that you have storm damage that requires insulation repair

  1. Missing or Damaged Shingles. Many homes in Iowa have asphalt shingled roofs. This roofing material is popular because it’s budget-friendly, comes in a variety of colors, and matches many home styles. However, during wind and hailstorms, asphalt shingles can blow off, crack, or become damaged in other ways. If not addressed immediately, further damage can happen (see 2-4 below).
  2. Wet Attic Insulation. The insulation in your attic should always be dry. If you notice water stains on your ceiling and find you have wet insulation following a storm, you might have a damaged roof. First, check to make sure any pipes in the space haven’t burst or developed leaks. If the pipes are in good shape or you don’t have piping in your attic, it’s safe to assume you have a leaky roof that needs your attention.
  3. Ceiling Discoloration. Did the discoloration show up on your ceiling following a storm? Maybe there’s a hole in the roof, but the problem could also be caused by missing flashing around a vent or skylight.
  4. Leaky Chimneys. Is water getting into your fireplace? Chimneys let the smoke out, but they don’t let water in. Your chimney is part of your roofing system. If water’s getting into the fireplace following a storm, the flashing around the chimney may be damaged and needs to be replaced.
  5. High Utility Bills. Most people don’t realize they have a storm-damaged roof until they start receiving higher than normal energy bills. A recent storm might have caused damage that you can’t see but has done enough harm to the roof that you’re experiencing energy loss.

Roof damage requires your immediate attention and we can help

  • We will inspect your attic’s ventilation system, including soffit vents, gable vents, or ridge vents.
  • You can count on us to inspect the attic insulation and verify it has not been damaged or blown from one place to another inside the attic.
  • We’ll also check your soffit baffles to ensure they are not damaged or missing.
  • We will also verify the chimney in the attic area is free from damage that would not be seen from the roof. 

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