The Benefits of Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep your A/C unit running smoothly, use less energy and stay cool this summer with a routine maintenance check. Just like a car needs a regular tune-up to run properly, so does your A/C system! Here are some tips on how to schedule your spring tune-up!

Contact us. We wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself! Give us a call and schedule a HVAC maintenance check-up. A professional is needed to prevent damaging your air conditioner and to ensure that it’s properly maintained.

Always schedule for spring. We highly recommend you schedule your HVAC tune-up in the spring. You’ll avoid a major breakdown during the summer, when the temperature is at its peak.

Know your basics. Here’s what your tune-up will include when you call us! Call today to learn more!

  1. Infared camera inspection of Heat Exchanger
  2. Test Blower Motor & Amp Draw
  3. Check A/C for Level
  4. Test Motor Start Capacitor
  5. Inspect A/C Lines for Restrictions
  6. Inspect Blower Motor
  7. Inspect Evaporator Coil
  8. Test Compressor Start Capacitor
  9. Inspect Breaker & Disconnect
  10. Inspect Contactor
  11. Test Freon Levels
  12. Test Compressor Amp Draw
  13. Test All Wiring Connections
  14. Measure & Test Temperature Drop
  15. Check Filter
  16. Clean Condenser Coil
  17. Test All Wiring Connections
  18. Measure & Test Temperature Rise
  19. Clean Blower Housing
  20. Inspect Coil for Mold Like Debris
  21. Inspect Condensate Drain
  22. Clean Debris Around Inside A/C
  23. Wax and Seal AC Unit
  24. Efficiency Performance Analysis
  25. Lubricate Motor
  26. Level & Clean Thermostat

Service Legends cares about your comfort. We’re the world-class provider of residential home services such as: Heating, Air Conditioning, Geothermal, and Indoor Air Quality. Our goal is always comfort, reliability and peace of mind in your home. Give us a call today to find out more and to schedule your spring tune-up!