Is It Too Late for Furnace and Heater Maintenance?


When the seasons change from summer to fall, it often serves as a reminder that you need to check your furnace and make sure it is running well before you really need it. Before you know it, the months go by and you never scheduled regular heater service. The good news is that it is never a bad time of year to check your furnace, even if the snow is on its way.

What Is Furnace and Heater Maintenance?

Some people wonder why they need regular furnace maintenance if the heating system seems to be working. Professional furnace service helps to ensure that all the components of your heater continue to function as expected throughout winter. Your HVAC technician:

  • Inspects the air filters and replaces them if necessary
  • Checks the fuel supply and fuel connections
  • Examines parts for wear or damage
  • Confirms that the furnace and thermostat are working effectively

There may be issues with your furnace of which you are not aware because they have not yet caused your furnace to stop working. If you do not request regular heater service, you may not learn about them until they break, costing you a lot more money and creating discomfort in a cold house.

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

There is a fundamental difference between a furnace that works and a furnace that works effectively and efficiently. Service is your ticket to a productive furnace and more comfortable home during winter.

Regular furnace maintenance improves the efficiency of the entire HVAC system, increases the longevity of the furnace, identifies needed repairs before the furnace breaks down, and helps to keep the heat on throughout the cold winter. You will save money on your utility bills, minimize your need for heater repair service, and reduce your energy consumption.

When Should I Get Regular Furnace Maintenance?

Although you can schedule furnace maintenance almost anytime, there are two periods where it makes the most sense: late summer or early fall.

As the hot weather finally winds down and temperatures get cooler, you can request a thorough check of your furnace before you actually need it every day. However, if this time has passed you by and you never got around to this task, schedule maintenance anyway – it’s never too late.

The second period occurs whenever you notice a problem with the furnace, thermostat or ductwork. Your furnace is only as effective as the rest of your HVAC system. Thus, if you observe a dramatic increase in your energy bills, or turn on the heat and nothing happens, seek a professional to inspect the equipment and make a heater repair service plan.

What Are Home Furnace Maintenance Programs?

Some people hesitate to schedule furnace maintenance because they do not know how much it will cost them. It is easy to remove the ambiguity from this arrangement with home furnace maintenance programs, which allow you to make a pre-set payment once a year or a few times a year to cover the cost of professional maintenance and minor service. With a program, you get predictable pricing and discounts on additional services.

Club members at Service Legends get access to priority service, accrue exclusive comfort cash, and so much more! We have three levels of memberships to meet your budget and specific needs for heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and insulation. For a full list of benefits, give us a call.

Regular furnace maintenance is such a simple job that there really is no reason not to do it each year. At Service Legends, we are ready to help you promote your home comfort with an efficient and useful furnace. Contact us today to schedule regular heater service or to learn more about our home furnace maintenance programs.

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