Indoor Air and Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze About!


Des Moines is listed as one of the nation’s ten most pollen-filled cities. Each year millions of people suffer from allergens and substances that cause allergic reactions and in some cases, asthma attacks.

To protect themselves, many people purchase over-the-counter medicines and stay indoors when pollen and mold are high. But, did you know the air in your home can be as much as 70-times more polluted than the outdoor air? It’s time to take indoor air quality seriously.

Results from in-home air tests across North America support this government finding. Nearly every home (96%) had at least one indoor air quality problem:

  • 86% had high levels of particles and bioaerosols like dust, pollen, and viruses
  • 71% were filled with odors and potentially harmful chemicals and gases

Your home is where dust mites, pet dander and even cockroaches can create problems that play havoc with allergy sufferers.

The air spreads microscopic allergens around and onto furniture, floors, bedding, clothing, and surfaces in your home. To help prevent the growth of mold when humidity is high, make sure bathrooms, kitchens and basements have good air circulation and are cleaned often. Check out 8 ways to improve indoor air quality in your home indoor environment.

But ultimately, the best way to be sure your home’s air is healthy is to contact Service Legends for an indoor air quality analysis. Our Home Comfort Heroes will have you breathing easier in no time with a wide range of indoor air quality services and products including proper air filtration, purification, duct cleaning, and humidification analysis. All designed to get you breathing cleaner, fresher and healthier air!


At Service Legends, we take pride in heating and cooling Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Our HVAC services include furnace and air conditioner installation, repairs, maintenance, and tune-ups. Our lineup of Indoor Air Quality solutions includes whole-home humidifiers, air purifiers, and air filtration systems. We can even help with HVAC financing.

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