Considering Hybrid Heat Pump Systems?


If you are looking into an alternative heating system that offers reduced energy costs, more efficient temperature control and a lower carbon footprint, a hybrid heat pump might be your best option. Des Moines weather, with an annual high temperature of 60.3 degrees and an annual low of 41.4 degrees, is ideal for a hybrid system, which works best mild climates.

Hybrid Heat Pump

While on the surface it might sound complicated, the basic design of a hybrid heat pump is fairly simple and easy to manage. It is also compatible with several of the digital “learning thermostats” on the market, ensuring even more control over your comfort and energy consumption.

How It Works

A hybrid heat pump relies on two separate components to heat your home. It’s a combination of an electric heat pump and traditional fossil fuel heating (furnace), intuitively switching between the two sources for optimal energy efficiency. An electric heat pump extracts the ambient heat outside and uses it to heat your home. Even in cool weather, the heat pump can process the available warm air to do its job.

A hybrid system will switch to the fossil fuel source when the temperature is too cold for the heat pump to run efficiently. Generally, when the outside temperature reaches 40 degrees or below, the natural gas, propane or oil system will kick in. However, the point at which the hybrid unit switches over can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the household. Climate, house design, personal comfort, and fuel are all part of the considerations when choosing the appropriate temperature for the adjustment.


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  • Substantial energy and cost savings
  • Can be used to cool your home in the warmer months, allowing you to save money throughout the year
  • Versatile system settings for humidification, dehumidification, and air filtration
  • Lower carbon footprint – a homeowner in the Midwest can offset the CO2 emissions from a single car for an entire year
  • Flexibility regarding the fuel source, allowing the homeowner to choose the most convenient and economic option
  • Pay for themselves in 3 – 5 years depending on climate
  • Tax credits and rebates in certain states
  • Consistent, comfortable airflow and temperature
  • Extends the life of your furnace

Save Money with a Hybrid Furnace

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