A Few Helpful Tips on Thermostats


Manually adjusted thermostats were the name of the game back in the day. A lot of grandparents and parents who grew up controlling their heaters would do so by a simple manually adjusted thermostat. They would either move the needle to the left or right side, making the house warmer or colder. Simplicity at its finest, however, nowadays thermostats have changed and they have become a lot more modern with the mechanisms people tend to struggle with from time to time. People aren’t necessarily struggling with how to use the thermostat, but more so how to control it.

When it comes to managing heat in your home and managing your monthly heating bill, taking advantage of your thermostat can go a long way. If used correctly, a thermostat can be your best friend especially if it starts saving you money. So, the experts here at Service Legends have developed a few helpful tips to use when it comes to managing your thermostat.

Why Take Advice from Service Legends?

Here at Service Legends, we know how important it is to proactively use your home thermostat. Mismanaging it can cause several problems and aside from expenses, your home will be heated unevenly. The result is hot and cold spots, and no one likes dealing with those, so allow us to help because we know the most effective ways of taking care of your home’s heating system. With expertise across the board and contractors who can handle any task such as repairs, replacements, and heating installations, here at Service Legends we take pride in our customer service. High-quality and efficient service is what’s most important to us, and we care nothing more than giving the best advice to all our customers.

Programming Your Thermostat

A great asset that gets overlooked from time to time when it comes to our modern thermostats is its programmability. Taking advantage of thermostats and utilizing them so that they control themselves can truly help save money on your home and the life of your heater. The increased demand on our heaters nowadays can cause such a strain and drive up the heating costs because of your overworked heater not working as efficiently as it used to. Also, the potential of paying heftier bills is something we all want to avoid including an expensive repair bill that might be on its way if you’re not managing your thermostat the right way. Luckily, we have come up with some tips to help you out with that potential scenario.

Tips on Managing Thermostats

1. Don’t Run It If No One is Home – when everyone in your family is out the door and the house is empty, then there is no reason for you to run the heater. You’re not only wasting a ton of energy heating an empty house but you’re also translating that all into a higher monthly bill. Even if you like having your home all warm and snug by the time you get back from work, by turning the dial down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you will avoid wasting heat and at the same time you won’t freeze when you get back.

2. Don’t Start a War Between Your Heater and Freezer – Did you know that by making your home especially warm, you’re also making your refrigerator and freezer work much harder? By keeping the house a bit cooler, you will be able to save more with less electrical demand from all your cooling appliances.

3. Schedule to Sleep Better – One interesting thing to note; people generally sleep better when the environment is cooler. How about that? If you simply take advantage of your thermostat’s programmable system and schedule your home’s heat to around 70 degrees during the night, then you will not only have a better night’s sleep, but you will also have a smaller heating bill.

4. Adapt to Colder Temperatures – If you adjust your thermostat one degree lower each week, you will continue to save more money and slowly adjust to a cooler temperature without surprising yourself with colder temperatures. This way you’ll start to feel more comfortable in colder weather which will help you out in the long run. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a sweatshirt inside your home from time to time.

5. Stop Thinking So Much – Coming back to the programmable thermostat theme, by using this modern advantage you’ll be able to control the temperature within your home easily. Modern thermostats will allow you to schedule out temperatures around the house for the entire week and throughout each day.

6. Don’t Forget Batteries – A simple tip yet an often overlooked one. Don’t forget to insert batteries to your thermostat. They only work well if, well, they’re on. Otherwise, you’re defeating the entire purpose of the machine. Keep the batteries fresh and replace them annually.

7. Maintain Your System – Finally, try to maintain your heating system. Have a heating contractor come in annually to inspect your heating system is always important. A lot of the time people will ignore their heaters and ultimately, they’ll pay the price. Stay on top of your heating system and make sure to take care of it. Also, try to remember to change your filter monthly. A clean filter alone will extend the life of your heater.

Take control of your thermostat with these helpful tips and call Service Legends today for all your heating services!

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