Summer’s Here Again: How to Cut Cooling Costs


Summer has officially begun and the question on everyone’s minds is how to cut cooling costs. With the increases in temperature come the increases in your energy bill.

Learn how to cut air conditioning costs and save energy with these home cooling tips.

 5 Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

  1. Tune-up your air conditioner before the extreme heat hits. Use professional maintenance and repairs to offset depreciation. You wouldn’t neglect car maintenance, so develop the same mindset for your HVAC system. Furthermore, you will ensure that your HVAC warranties remain in effect with annual tune-ups.
  2. Change (or clean if reusable) your air conditioner filters every 30 days. Write the date of replacement on the filter itself so you know exactly how long your filter has been in use. Additionally, set calendar and phone reminders on the first of every month so you never forget this important home maintenance task. Dirty filters not only cause indoor air quality problems – they also reduce your system’s efficiency and can even prevent it from turning on due to airflow problems.
  3. Shade your windows and home from the sun using heat control window film, trees, awnings, ivy, and other plants. Gila is a good brand for window films. You can reflect up to 72% of the sun’s hot rays to reduce air conditioning costs and cool your home’s interior. Window film can be purchased at your local hardware store – just make sure they are labeled for heat control.
  4. Use fans strategically to improve airflow, reduce cooling costs, and maintain comfortable temperatures. Fans only cost about 2 cents per hour to operate, but remember that they don’t actually “cool” a room, they just make you feel cooler. Only use fans when someone is in the room. Fans will enable you to lower your thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort.
  5. Seal the deal by plugging up air leaks around your home. Use weatherproof caulk for any gaps smaller than ¼ inch and insulating foam for cracks greater than ¼ inch. Replace your old weatherstripping around doors and windows with new ones if necessary. You can test for air leaks using a smoke or incense stick and holding it up to areas you suspect have a leak. A thin piece of toilet paper also works.

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