3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced


Replacing your air conditioner is a costly endeavor and should be taken seriously. But before you replace your current system, speak with a service technician about all of your options.

  1. Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old. An air conditioner, if properly maintained, can last up to 15 years, but replacing it at 10 years can be more cost-effective. Though your current system may last another 5 years, replacing it now can lower your energy costs, essentially allowing the system to pay for itself.
  2. Frequent repairs. If your air conditioner requires frequent repairs, it is highly recommended you replace it, as it is very costly to continue paying for repairs. While it might cost more money upfront, installing a new system will save you money long-term.
  3. Inconsistency. If you notice certain rooms getting too much air and others not enough, it is probably time to replace your current system. The older your system gets, the less efficient it is at cooling properly.

If you suspect your air conditioner needs replacing, give the professionals at Service Legends a call today.

When shopping around for a qualified HVAC technician, learn which questions you should ask to ensure your AC is installed properly. Anyone who gives you a quote before fully inspecting your home, HVAC system, and insulation/ventilation is doing it wrong.

The most common problem with new air conditioning installations is installing the wrong-sized unit. Consult this ENERGY STAR Installation Bid Comparison Checklist before purchasing a new air conditioner. Sadly, over half of all new HVAC systems aren’t installed properly.

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