Air Purification

Turn your ventilation system into a whole home purification system and get drug-free allergy relief!

Schedule a $119 Indoor Air Quality Analysis and my Home Comfort Heroes will thoroughly swab, test and evaluate the potentially toxic air you and your family are breathing in.

The premium purification system we will attach to your home ventilation system will purify your air for less than $2 a day. 

A purification system will:

  • Clean the toxic air in your home that circulates three times an hour
  • Reduce or eliminate colds, sinus infections and dry throats
  • Breathe cleaner, fresher and healthier air in your home
  • Reduce energy bills and equipment breakdowns
  • Extend the life of your home comfort system

What Is a Home Air Purifier?

Simply stated, a home air purifier is an appliance that can clean the air in your home. Odors from pets, smoke, lingering food, and particles like pet dander, pollen, and bacteria, can be washed away from the air in your home.

Technically speaking, a whole-home air purification system from Service Legends is a device attached to your home ventilation system built to catch and filter pollutants, particles, and odors. Our whole-home air purifier system filter is placed into the ductwork of your HVAC system. As air circulates through the ductwork, the contaminants stay put while the fresh, clean air makes its way into your home.

Why Should I Clean My Air?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air contains upwards of five times more contaminants than outdoor air. Air is circulated for days, or sometimes weeks, before being replaced, all while adding more harmful particles to the air that your family is breathing.

If creating a purer environment for your family isn’t reason enough, choosing a home air purifier can provide other lasting benefits for your home:

  • Drug-free allergy treatment
  • Neutralized, odor-free air
  • Reduced chance of catching airborne diseases
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved asthma or other respiratory issues

A whole-home air purifier can be a lifesaver during pollen season, or if you’re in a location with poor outdoor air quality at certain times of the year. An air purifier can be your first line of defense to keep the outside where it belongs—on the outside!

How Service Legends Test Air Quality in Your Home

At Service Legends, we believe your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important part of keeping your home and your family safe. Our experienced and knowledgeable Home Comfort Heroes will come to your home to test and evaluate your IAQ for contaminants in your air system, including mold, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more. Using a combination of sterile swabbing and high-tech air quality testing equipment, our team can provide definitive answers to the questions about your air quality.

When you know the challenges you’re facing, it’s easier to make a decision that’s the best choice for your family. Our Air Quality Analysis will help you decide what type of home air purifier solutions will help your family breathe easier.

Why Choose Us for Indoor Air Purification?

Our Home Comfort Heroes are exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable, but that’s only the start of the service we aim to offer you. At Service Legends, we believe in integrity, a serving heart, and open, honest communication—the core values the company was founded on. Our desire to improve your air quality stems from a deep commitment to the community. We believe our Des Moines neighbors deserve healthy, clean air in the comfort of their homes.

With our air quality test and home air purification systems, our Home Comfort Heroes will help your family breathe a little easier. You’ll never have to worry about surprise charges—we’ll give you an exact “to the penny” quote before we start any air purification installation services.

Give us a call today, and discover how much better life can be when you are breathing in cleaner, fresher, healthier air!