Electrical Panel Inspection

Your Home’s Safety Is Our #1 Priority 

Do you have rooms that lose power? Are you constantly turning circuit breakers on and off due to power surges? These can all be symptoms of problems with your home’s electrical panel.

If a quick reset doesn’t do the trick, Service Legends’ licensed electrical panel experts will alleviate you from guesswork and potentially unsafe conditions. We know what to look for in determining the underlying cause of an uncooperative outlet – and we can uncover any safety concerns. Keep your home’s electrical panel safe, on track, and up to code with Service Legends electrical panel inspection for just $79.

Fusebox Down, Say WATT!?

Our licensed electricians are experts in electrical panel repair in the Des Moines area are committed to proper electrical panel maintenance and excellent customer service. So, if you have concerns over flickering lights, loss of power, or tripping breakers and suspect a problem with your fusebox, or if you simply need to make an upgrade to your electrical panel to replace an outdated system or to accommodate a home renovation, give Service Legends a call

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Electrical Panels 101

The Parts & Purpose Of Your Home's Electrical Panel

Your home’s electrical panel – also sometimes referred to as a circuit panel – consists of a variety of standardized parts that all work together to keep the lights on at your home and provide power to appliances and electrical devices plugged into your home’s electrical outlets. You can think of it as the nervous system of your home, relaying signals from switches to devices and outlets.

All electrical panels contain circuits, circuit breakers, conductors, and safety devices to consistently and safely relay energy throughout a home. Learn more below about the function of each component in your electrical panel:

  1. Main Circuit – A single lever is usually found at the top of the panel. Controls the power the panel puts out to the entire house. Can be shut off to power down a home’s electrical system.
  2. Circuit Breakers – Levers appearing in parallel down the center of the box. Used to shut off power to selective sections of the house or specific major appliances.
  3. Busbar – A single strip of copper along the side or bottom of the electrical panel that helps conduct electricity.
  4. Neutral Busbar – Looks similar to busbars, help maintain a safe voltage for the panel.
  5. Open Circuits – A discontinuous circuit that prevents electricity flow, often caused by a cut wire or a blown fuse.

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You won’t find another electrician in Des Moines that offers the same warranty and guarantee protections as Service Legends. Give us a call today and see why thousands of homeowners rate Service Legends, a 5-star service company!

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We’ll always give you an exact price before moving forward with any services. No add-on charges, hidden charges, surcharges, or ‘oops, I forgot to add this on’ charges! If we perform work without giving you a straightforward price, the work is on us.

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