Service Legends Launches New Insulation & Healthy Home Performance Division


The New Services Will Help Homeowners to Be As Comfortable as Possible All Year Long While Also Improving the Air Quality in Their Home

Brian Leech, Owner, and Founder of Service Legends, a heating and cooling company in Des Moines, Iowa, is pleased to announce the launch of new insulation and healthy home performance division.

As Leech noted, he was inspired to launch the new service by the success that Service Legends has ultimately experienced during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“While at the beginning we freaked out just like everyone else, our freak out and fears quickly converted to grit,” Leech said, adding that he and his team all reached down deep and told themselves “Service Legends was made for this; we have what it takes to succeed, no matter what the world throws at us.”

“All in all, it was a true test of our leadership and they passed the test with flying colors.”

Comfort After Covid-19 & Beyond

As people who were quarantined at home quickly realized, companies like Service Legends are essential providers who were working to help make sure everyone was comfortable in their homes.

This commitment to their customers resulted in 2020 being a record year for Service Legends, both in terms of sales and profits.

“Like so many businesses, we had to pivot into full-on PPE gear to protect our team and our clients. Our internal motto in 2020 was Survive to Thrive,” Leech said, adding that this growth allowed him to offer new services like the insulation and healthy home performance division.

This service will help homeowners to achieve higher levels of comfort, healthier air in their home and reduce their carbon footprint by making their home more efficient, Leech explained.

Hard Work Pays Off

In addition, the company will soon launch a residential plumbing division.

“We are on target to grow the business 20 percent this year and we are experiencing improved profitability because of a well-oiled leadership team that is passionate about improving every day,” Leech said.

As Leech noted, he is very proud of his hard-working team at Service Legends, and the success of his company. As an Iowa native who grew up on a farm outside of Des Moines, Leech learned the value of hard work at a very early age.

“As for myself, I am always pushing for replacing myself in this business. My long-term plan is to build a legacy company that is a national brand,” he said.

“Currently I serve the leadership team about 20 hours a week and spend the rest of my time divided into three parts: focusing on the future vision of Service Legends, volunteering my time in the community, enjoying the sweetness of my family.”

About Service Legends

At Service Legends, they are proud to be a leader in heating and cooling in the Des Moines metro area. They specialize in furnace installations, air conditioner installations, furnace repair, air conditioner repair and tune-ups for air conditioners, furnaces and more. Having served the Des Moines area for decades with legendary customer service, it’s safe to say they have earned a Ph.D. in keeping their customers comfy. For more information, please visit Service Legends.