Is Your Land Right For Geothermal?


Shallow ground temperatures are mostly constant throughout the United States, so geothermal heat pumps can be used almost anywhere. However, the characteristics of your land will help us determine the best type of ground loop for your site.

  1. Geology. Factors such as the composition and properties of your soil and rock (which can affect heat transfer rates) require consideration when designing a ground loop. Soil with good heat transfer properties requires less piping to gather a certain amount of heat than soil with poor heat transfer properties. The amount of soil available contributes to system design as well. Areas with hard rock or shallow soil may need vertical ground loops instead of horizontal loops.
  2. Hydrology. Ground or surface water availability also plays a part in deciding what type of ground loop to use. Groundwater can be used as a source for open-loop systems, provided the water quality is suitable and all groundwater discharge regulations are met. Before you have anything installed, be sure your site’s hydrology has been fully investigated. This can help avoid potential problems such as aquifer depletion and groundwater contamination.
  3. Land. The amount and layout of your land, landscaping and underground utilities also contribute to your system design. Horizontal ground loops (generally the most economical) are typically used for newly constructed buildings with sufficient land. Vertical installations or more compact horizontal installations are often used for existing buildings because they minimize the disturbance to the landscape.

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