Is It Possible to Over Insulate Your House?


As hidden as insulation is behind the walls, up in the attic and under the floorboards, its benefits are not as veiled! You probably know by now that the right amount of insulation can help reduce energy bills and improve comfort all year round.

The key words there are “right amount.” If your home is not properly insulated, you’ll have a much harder time saving money and staying comfortable. A house can definitely be under-insulated (millions of homes throughout the United States have this very problem), but can it have too much insulation? In short, yes it can!

Can You Over-Insulate Your Iowa Home?

Homes need insulation, and more is generally a good thing. But there may be a theoretical point of “too much.” If a home is over-insulated and is too tightly sealed, moisture can get trapped inside. Without proper ventilation, a home can build up too much moisture, especially in the attic (warm air rises), which can cause mold problems and, overall, lower indoor air quality.

This is not to say that if you have mold in your home, too much insulation is the culprit. Most homes in Iowa—and across the country—are under-insulated. Dampness and mold issues in a home have a number of more common causes, such as an old or malfunctioning HVAC system (sometimes a dehumidifier is the solution), broken sump pump in the basement or leaking pipe.

But if you’re noticing anything off, a free home insulation inspection by Service Legends can be totally worth it! There’s a slim chance your home may be over-insulated, but there’s a much better chance you don’t have enough insulation, particularly if you’ve noticed:

  • Higher than normal energy bills (without an increase in usage)
  • Drafts or uneven temperatures from room to room
  • Unusually warm second floor in your home

This is why we don’t recommend DIY projects—professional jobs help ensure materials are installed correctly and safely and the right amount of insulation for maximum energy savings and comfort.

Home Insulation in the Des Moines & Surrounding Areas

Think you may need insulation installation? The team at Service Legends has you covered. We install the highest quality materials and will explain exactly what we’re doing and why so you’re never left wondering.

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