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Indoor Air Quality Products Proven Effective To Eliminate Over 99% of Airborne Bacteria, Viruses, Mold & Allergens

Thanks to COVID-19, clean air has been on everyone’s minds over the last couple of years. Service Legends’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts are here to help you make the air you breathe inside your home as healthy as possible.

A variety of IAQ products, including air scrubbers, UV lights, and filters, have been in the spotlight recently as more and more people look to make the air inside their homes as safe as possible. But not all products are created equally and many products need to be sized for your particular home and HVAC system.

So what’s a homeowner to do? Call the experienced professionals at Service Legends and request an Indoor Air Quality Analysis. From there, we will recommend the best options to improve the air in your home from our extensive line of HEPA filters, air purifiers, and UV products.

How UV Light Kills Viruses

For over a century, scientists have known that certain types of UV light is harmful to microbial life. In fact, exposure to a specific kind of ultraviolet light (the UV-C band) actually disrupts the DNA of micro-organisms and prevents them from reproducing, thereby effectively killing them. Also, the UV-C band is filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, so microbes have no defense against it.

Installing a UV light in your home’s HVAC system helps keep your HVAC coil clean and free from mold and other microbes which would then circulate in the air throughout your home, and it increases the efficiency and longevity of your unit.

The Best Combo = UV + Filtration + Purification

In order to properly address the overall quality of the air in your entire home, however, you need more than just a UV light. Adding a filter and air purifier to a UV light system enables you to remove 99% of bacteria, viruses, airborne allergy particles, as well as unwanted odors from the home. The increased volume and capacity of this solution allow you to address your home’s air quality on a larger scale and effectively sanitize the air circulating throughout your home.

Similar air cleaning technologies have been used in hospitals and other commercial settings for years, and it is now available for residential use. In fact, Service Legends has installed the technology in our own HVAC systems to help our essential employees keep healthy and safe.

Please note: Some popular “air-scrubbing” solutions produce ozone as a by-product of the cleaning process, and some have reported irritation and a strong smell from the ozone gas being in their home’s air. That’s why Service Legends is proud to offer award-winning IAQ products that are just as effective at sanitizing the air, without introducing unwanted ozone into your home.

Take the first step to filter, sanitize, and healthier air inside your home

Contact the IAQ specialists at Service Legends to set up your indoor air quality analysis and ask any questions you may have regarding your home’s air quality. We’re at your service and here to help you breathe easier. Call us at 515-657-6634 or book online today!

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