How To Deal With Dry Air


If you’ve been having allergy symptoms, it might actually not be allergies. The culprit could be the humidity level in your home. Your home’s humidity affects your health, furniture, wood floors, pictures, musical instruments, plants, and your wallet. A dry nose and throat can help cause or aggravate sinus and respiratory problems.  Dry musical instruments lose tune and tone.  Dry floors and paintings can crack. Overall, dry air can cause some serious damage.

A lack of humid air can also affect your comfort level. 70-degree dry air seems cooler than 70-degree humid air. With dry winter air, you may find yourself bumping up the temperature a few degrees to stay comfortable. That means you’re also bumping up your heating bill.

Prevent all of these health and home issues with a humidifier. Service Legends can help you determine a system that best fits your family’s needs. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate. Pick a time that works best with your schedule and we will work to accommodate your needs. We will help walk you through the process of adding comfort to your home.

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