How HVAC Maintenance Can Lower Your Energy Bills


Dealing with high energy bills? HVAC maintenance can fix any undetected problems and help you lower your energy bill. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, preventive HVAC maintenance can save you 12 to 18% on future maintenance costs. Not only does it create immediate benefits, but it also helps prevent any sudden future issues.

Here are some ways HVAC maintenance can lower your energy bill:

1. Decreases Indoor Humidity

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if the humidity in your home is over 60%, it can encourage mold and mildew to grow and cause damage to furniture, wallpaper, paintwork, floors, and brickwork. The evaporator coil in your system is responsible for removing humidity from the air. As the hot, moist air moves across the cooled evaporate coil, the liquid is pulled away from the air and the moisture is sent to the outside of your drain where it is collected away from the foundation. If it’s not working properly, your home will continue to be sticky even when your air conditioner is running. This can quickly increase your energy bill as you’ll be unable to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Seals Leaks in Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home are tubes that connect your HVAC system with the air vents throughout your home. As air travels through the vents, they either heat or cool the air that is going through them. When they leak within your air duct, the amount of air going through is reduced and may cause your system to work harder in order to properly regulate the temperature.

Signs of an air duct leak include:

  • Visible damage to your air ducts.
  • Humming noises.
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Higher summer and winter utility bills.

3. Improves Air Circulation

When the air in your home isn’t circulated properly, it can cause the air to become stagnant and fill the air with pollutants. This harms the air quality and can cause health issues such as headaches or sore throat. It can also aggravate respiratory diseases as you’re constantly breathing in dust and other harmful pollutants. Low air circulation also makes it difficult for rooms to stay cool as it’s not able to properly flow through the air passages.

4. Keeps You & Your Family Safe

If your HVAC system fails, you can quickly begin to deal with uncomfortably cold or hot temperatures inside your home. If there’s some sort of electrical issue that you’re not aware of, it can put your family in danger as it could potentially cause a fire if the system were to short-circuit. If there’s a leak within your furnace, there’s also the risk of carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals entering your home. Luckily, an HVAC technician will be able to spot any of these issues and ensure that they’re repaired properly.

Start Saving On Your Electric Bill

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