Flood facts: Forgetting about HVAC can harm your indoor air quality


Moisture is the main culprit that enables harmful substances to grow in your home, endangering your indoor air quality. This problem vastly increases after a flood.

The first reaction many people have once their homes flood is to rip out the carpet and walls impacted to prevent any mold-like buildup. What often gets forgotten is that your heating and cooling system can also be where funky odors and harmful bacteria manifest. Most heating and cooling systems have insulation and once that gets wet, nasty things can happen.

Mold Is a Big Deal

Mold can develop in only 6 to 12 hours, so being proactive is a big deal. Once there is even the slightest chance of floodwater encountering your HVAC system, you should call your heating and cooling contractor to come do an inspection. Even if the heating and cooling system is running like normal after the flood, there’s still a chance of harmful bacteria. Additionally, the faster the problem is spotted, the more likely you will be able to add the damages to your insurance claims.

A trusted HVAC company, like Service Legends, should thoroughly inspect each component of your system. They will be able to identify and eliminate biological growth through various indoor air quality techniques such as duct cleaning, deploying an antimicrobial fog and many others.

Keep in mind; your equipment shouldn’t necessarily need to be replaced if mold is spotted. Be cautious if an HVAC company tells you that buying an entirely new system is your only option.

It’s important to choose an HVAC service provider who cares about their client more than making a quick buck — especially during such an emotional time. At Service Legends, we promise we will provide legendary customer service every time our Home Comfort Heroes walk into your home. If you are not satisfied with your service, our work is free.

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