Can An Updated HVAC Unit Increase the Value of My Home?


When trying to sell your home, modifying and fixing things to be in a better or brand-new condition can increase the value of your home, depending on what is improved or added. But does that same concept extend to HVAC units? The short answer: yes! At Service Legends, we want you to be as informed as possible on how to get the most value from your home’s AC investment. Read on to learn more about how an updated AC unit impacts your home’s value!

What Does Updating My HVAC Unit Do?

When you upgrade your HVAC system to a newer unit, it reduces operational costs. The reduction in operational cost, meaning less energy is being used month to month, allows there to be a cheaper utility bill each month. Although upgrading your unit will cost a lot up front, it allows you to have a cheaper cost down the line.

Additionally, upgrading your HVAC unit allows there to be a fresh start for the new homeowners. This is a very sought-after concept, which helps increase the market value of a home. The newer the appliances and additions to a home, the more valuable they will be to a potential buyer because the home will seem newer – even if it’s not a new build.

Increased Reliability

When you get a new HVAC system, the system’s overall efficiency and reliability is increased. This means that when there is a large seasonal weather change, like going into the heat of summer or the grips of winter, your unit is less likely to shut down or need repairs when you need it most. This increased reliability is mostly due to the unit being newer and having fewer years of wear-and-tear on it, but it also is from the unit being able to move energy in a more efficient way.

More Energy Efficient 

This goes in tandem with the reliability point because newer systems move energy in a more efficient way – leading to less usage and a cheaper bill every month. Because the unit will be new, the system will be able to move energy at a faster rate. This faster rate of energy exchange allows the unit to not overexert itself to keep a room cool or hot, allowing the operational costs to be cheaper overall.

The operational costs are not exclusive to the monetary aspect. Operational costs also imply the cost of energy on the unit. The newer the system, the less energy they expend to keep things like the fans, coils, and condensers moving and working almost all the time. This lower energy expenditure means that there is less to operate on, resulting in lower costs and better efficiency for your home.

How Much Will It Increase the Value By?

Depending on the location of your home and the comparable prices of other homes on the realty market, your home could be valued at a 10% higher rate if you upgrade your HVAC system to a newer one before you put the house on the market. Although 10% might not sound like a large increase, that can translate to an increase upwards of $10,000.

What to Replace Your System With

Depending on the kind of system you have, you can either replace the entire HVAC system, the ductwork, or separate parts. You should discuss with your AC professional to understand what should be replaced or fixed before putting your house on the market. At Service Legends, our professionals can give you an estimate for what you will need based on your home’s unique needs – all within your budget.

For more information on how you can make your home’s HVAC system is market-ready, Service Legends for expert HVAC system advice.

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