Air Conditioning Duct Leaks


Air conditioning duct leaks can cost you money by both increasing your energy bill and by forcing you to run your system longer to keep rooms at your desired temperature. But don’t worry! The experts here at Service Legends are always here to help you solve your leaky air duct problems.

The Signs of Air Conditioning Duct Leaks

The hardest part of resolving a leaky ductwork problem is simply knowing when you have one. There are several signs that point toward leaking air ducts that include:

  • Sign 1 – Increased utility bills
  • Sign 2 – Hot or cold spots (hard to cool rooms)
  • Sign 3 – Visibly Damaged Ductwork

Sign 1 – Increased Utility Bills

The first sign of an air conditioning duct leak is definitely not the most obvious thing in the world. If you have noticed your utility bills increasing each month and you’re certain that you haven’t increased your use of energy-hungry appliances, then an air conditioning duct leak may be the culprit. When ducts leak, your HVAC system has to work harder to deliver the cold (or hot) air to the desired location. This increase in workload increases the amount of energy that your HVAC system consumes, which in turn increases your utility bills. If you have noticed spiking energy bills at your home or business, then give the HVAC professionals here at Brothers a call right away.

Sign 2 – Hot or Cold Spots

The second sign of leaking ductwork is hot/cold spots in your home or business. When you notice that certain rooms/locations in your building are significantly harder to keep cool, then leaky ductwork may be the problem. The ductwork delivers climate-controlled air to the various supply vents in your building. If a section of that duct is leaking, then the supply air is not reaching its final destination and you will notice hot and cold spots when running your system. In addition to being a sign of leaking ductwork, hot and cold spots can also signify a poorly done air balance. Either way, if you have hot or cold spots in your building, then get in touch with the Brothers team of air conditioning experts as soon as you can.

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Sign 3 – Visibly Damaged Ductwork

The third and most obvious sign of leaking ductwork is visibly damaged or collapsed ducting. If you have peaked your head into your attic or crawlspace lately and noticed collapsed or otherwise visibly damaged ductwork, then leaks are basically guaranteed. If you see damaged ductwork, then please contact the team of experts here at Service Legends for service.

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