4 Tips to Keep Your Older Furnace Running This Winter


Cold winter nights are right around the corner and we want to share 4 quick tips you can implement this heating season. An older furnace might need to work a little harder to heat your home, but below we share some tips on how to get maximum efficiency if you have an older furnace!

1. Set A Phone Reminder to Check Your Filter

Although every home is different, we recommend that you check your furnace filter every month – especially with an older furnace. Pets, children, open windows, the age of the furnace, and many other factors can play into how often you’ll need to replace it.

One quick tip we like to share is to set a monthly reminder in your phone, that way you’ll remember to check!

If you have specific questions about your filters, be sure to ask your technician the next time they are in your home. They’ll be more than happy to help. Need a filter? Check out our online filter store and get them delivered to your home.

2. Keep All Vents Unobstructed

Make it a habit this winter to walk around and check all returns and supply vents (on the floor and on the wall) for obstruction. A common problem with vents is that they become obstructed by items and furniture.

Vents that connect to the ductwork of your heating system are just as important as the furnace itself. An obstructed vent will restrict the airflow, which reduces the system’s efficiency. There should be several inches of clearance at least around each vent at all times!

3. Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Services

We use our furnaces for most of the year here in Iowa, which can cause them to get dusty and dirty, especially if you live in the woods or near a dirt road. If dust builds up too much in one area in your ductwork, it can worsen the condition of your HVAC system efficiency, and we want maximum life out of our furnaces!

If you find your home feeling dustier than normal it might be time to explore the option of a professional air duct cleaning service from Service Legends. We provide before and after photos of every clean and walk you through the entire process!

4. Annual Furnace Tune-Up

Another professional service to get your furnace a nice clean before winter is a tune-up safety inspection. This proactive approach is recommended by the manufacturer, and we believe in regular maintenance as well. We listed some benefits below!

  • Maximizes your furnace’s energy efficiency
  • Can keep your monthly utility bills lower
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Reduces the risk of breakdowns and repairs
  • Extends your system’s lifespan

Want to give your furnace some attention and maintenance? You can start with quick tips that you can do on your own, like replacing the filter. Afterward, if you live in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area, give us a call and a member of Service Legends can tell you about what other services might help!

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