3 Plumbing Repairs Ideal for First Time Parents


Being a first-time parent comes with a lot of stress, busy days, and focus on the new baby. With the new baby in your life, you may find it easy to let some other household tasks fall on the wayside.

Thankfully, a professional plumber can help along the way and help first-time parents get over all of those plumbing hurdles. Follow this guide to learn about some plumbing issues that may come up in the first few years of a baby’s life and how a plumber can help with repairs. Ignoring the issues early on could lead to much bigger problems in the future.

1. Accidental Toilet Trash

New parents may often feel overtired, overwhelmed, and stressed out to the max. Through the period, you may accidentally flush items down the toilet. Examples include diapers, bibs, or wash clothes. If possible, put on some gloves and just pull the items out. Otherwise, you will need to call a plumber before things get worse.

Manufacturers design disposable diapers to absorb as much water as possible. The diapers can balloon up into large sizes and completely block a drainage pipe in your home. Even if the diaper makes its way to the septic tank, the diaper itself will likely plug up the filters and create issues for your home.

If drainage water cannot escape through the pipes, then it will force its way back through other pipes in the home. Do not panic or try to force an item through a pipe with extra flushes. The extra pressure could lead to more problems. A plumber can provide a power rodding service to clear out the drains.

A power rod includes a spinning head that snakes through the pipes on a long cable. The spinning head can break up debris into extremely small pieces and allows everything to reach the septic tank. If needed for the main sewer line, a camera on a separate cable will give plumbers a clear view of the pipes and ensure the obstruction is gone.

2. Flushable Wipes

Wipes are one of the best items new parents can purchase. Wipes can clean babies, spit up, and help complete a wide range of other tasks. One issue with wipes is when companies advertise any form of a wipe as a “flushable wipe”. Despite the claims and the wipe’s ability to decompose over time, no wipe is good for your plumbing.

The wipes can quickly build up in the drainpipes and create blockages. Unlike thin toilet paper that dissolves quickly, flushable wipes will remain in their form for their long journey through your plumbing. Just one baby diaper change could result in multiple wipes flushed down the toilet.

If the wipes go deep enough, you may need a power rodder to clear them away. Otherwise, a plumber could rely on a professional plumbing tool called a toilet auger to fish the wipes out instead of pushing them further through the plumbing system.

As a tip, take a black permanent marker and cross out the word “flushable” on any package of wipes you purchase. The stark reminder will prevent any future plumbing disasters. You should also tell any family members who come to care for the baby not to flush any of the wipes down the toilet.

3. Children’s Toys & Debris

Within a year or so, a baby will begin to crawl, walk, and explore the house. For many babies, the toilet is a place of fascination. The large bowl of water, the spinning flushes, and loud noises all attract a curious child. At some points, children may see what they can flush down the toilet.

Examples include toys, socks, stuffed animals, shirts, and anything parents decide to leave on the bathroom counter. While you may stop a child before the flush occurs, it only takes one flush to block up the plumbing in the house. Any type of fabric items like clothes or stuffed animals can quickly expand in the toilet pipes and create problems.

A plumber can diagnose the issue, clear out the pipes, and ensure no items get left behind and cause problems in the future. Ideally, parents should invest in toilet safety latches so a child cannot lift up the toilet seat and drop items inside. The latches will help prevent a lot of future problems, especially if you already needed plumbing repairs.

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