7 Benefits Of Geothermal


Geothermal energy is renewable energy because once water or steam is used, it can be pumped back into the ground. It is also clean energy.

Lower Operating Cost

The highest efficiency rating for a gas furnace is 94 percent. Geothermal, on the other hand, gets a whopping 400 percent efficiency rating. Geothermal can also reduce heating costs by up to 70 percent.

Saves the Planet

Geothermal is environmentally friendly and doesn’t emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other greenhouse gasses. In addition, it uses renewable fuel and doesn’t deplete the earth’s natural resources.

Less Noise

There is no noisy outdoor equipment involved in geothermal and the level of noise made is comparable to a refrigerator.

Clean and Safe

There is no chance of carbon-monoxide poisoning when using geothermal.

Outlasts the Competition

Geothermal systems typically 15 or more years, but the ground loop (the part that’s underground) will last more than 50 years.

Reliable Power

Since geothermal isn’t affected by weather, it beats wind and solar as a renewable energy source.

Long-Term Savings

Although the initial investment of installing a geothermal system is costly, the energy savings produced will equal and exceed the cost of the system installation over time.

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