What is Geothermal Heating: Is It Right For You?

Geothermal technology exploits the heat found deep below the Earth’s surface, harnessing it using water pipes to directly heat homes. The hot water can also be used to generate electricity. In preparation for the cooler weather, it is important that you have the right kind of heating system for you and your family. Geothermal heating is unlike conventional heating in that it uses the Earth’s energy to heat your home. Note that heat is not created; it is found and then transported. There are many benefits to using this type of heating system:



Image Source: aurin, shutterstock


1.) Geothermal heating is 400 times more efficient than any other conventional heating system.
2.) Reduce energy costs of up to 70% for heating and 40% for cooling.
3.) Unlike conventional heating systems, there is no outdoor unit; it operates quietly and smoothly.
4.) Receive longer lasting comfort. A typical geothermal system lasts 15+ years and requires less maintenance than a conventional heating system.
5.)  Unlike other heating systems, geothermal power doesn’t emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. That means zero potential for gas or carbon monoxide leaks and better indoor and outdoor air quality for you and your environment.


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