New Furnace for the New Year


A brand new year is upon us! As a practice, many people are saying goodbye to the things that no longer serve them best so they can welcome in newer and better. New Year’s Resolutions, even ones for your home, can help you refresh and improve.

If your furnace is performing below its highest standard or is in constant need of repairs, 2023 may be the time to invest in a more efficient model. A new furnace will help you save on energy costs all year long.

This article shares why it may be time to replace your furnace in 2023.

How old is your furnace?

If your furnace has passed the 15-year mark, and definitely if it is older than 20 years, you are consuming and paying for more energy than necessary. By this point, your furnace is probably starting to show its age. That could mean it’s producing loud and strange noises you haven’t heard in the past. Or maybe there’s a musty smell that won’t go away.

Older furnaces have a higher risk of breaking down. Additionally, new high-efficiency models can save you significantly in energy costs. The New Year is a perfect time to explore options for a new furnace. Service Legends can help you choose the best furnace that suits your home and budget.

Too many repairs

Needing to have your furnace repaired is not a problem and is required from time to time. However, a new furnace is a much better option if you’re finding that you constantly have to call in for repairs.

A furnace that breaks down over and over incurs a lot more cost over time than a furnace replacement. Constant repairs adding up can you take you well over the cost of a new furnace over time. Investing in a high-quality furnace takes care of this problem. The steady stream of maintenance and repairs will end, and you can say hello to stress (and cost) reduction in 2023.

Climbing energy bills

Your energy bills will go up during the winter when your furnace works round-the-clock to warm your home. However, if you compare your energy bills month-to-month and see continual cost and usage increases that don’t add up, you have a furnace that can’t reach optimal performance. So if you’re looking at reducing energy consumption in 2023, installing a high-efficiency furnace will help do just that.

Service Legends can come to your home to help assess your needs. We can provide a selection of furnace models with varying features and price points to increase energy efficiency.

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