Be A Legend

This career ain’t for the ordinary.

Service Legends is a world-class provider of residential home HVAC services with extraordinary people. Our duty is to improve the comfort and peace of mind of our customers by providing legendary customer service with excellent results.

When we are looking for new team members, we want Legends who believe and practice our core values of service, enthusiasm, integrity, honesty and teamwork.

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Apprenticeship Program



Drug Free

All chosen candidates must pass a pre-employment drug test. We also randomly test our team every month.


Clear Background

We conduct an extensive, nationwide background check before hiring.


Clean Cut

To be a Legend, you must be a clean-cut professional with no visible tattoos.


Tobacco Free

Our team does not use tobacco in or around vehicles, buildings or clients' homes or our service is free.


Excellent Communicator

We want people who can talk the talk. Everyone on our team needs to possess excellent communication skills.


"Whatever It Takes" Attitude

Each team member must do whatever it takes to have each client say, "I love those guys!"

Be a Legend

We provide top pay and Fortune 500 Benefits and offer a $2,500 signing bonus for experienced HVAC professionals.

We hold our Home Comfort Heroes to the highest of standards. Our clients trust our expertise and professionalism as they allow us to come into their home.

Service Legends is honored to have our very own federal and state-approved apprenticeship program for the positions of Maintenance Technician and HVAC Installation Technician.