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You’ve Got to Tune It Up: Heating System To-Do List


Valerie Johannsen People & Brand Manager

Now that college football is back in full swing, the leaves are changing colors, and temperatures are slowly dropping, you need to start thinking about your heating system. We know this is one of the busiest times of the year for many families with back-to-school and all, but scheduling annual maintenance for your heater should be a top priority.

Here are the benefits of getting your heating system checked out by a professional:

  • Reduce repairs. Up to 63% of heating repairs can be prevented with proper annual maintenance. Neglecting to perform regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns, and other unexpected malfunctions.
  • Always warm. With regular maintenance, technicians are able to catch small problems before they become serious and costly. Being without heat during the winter can be a miserable experience, especially when you have to wait for service because everyone else in town is having the same problem. Early, regular maintenance provides dependable comfort and warmth to families.
  • Improved efficiency. Would you go five years without changing the oil in your car? No. Much like your car, your heating system needs annual maintenance to run efficiently. A technician will thoroughly inspect your system, cleaning and testing various parts to make sure it’s at the optimal level.
  • Longer life. Annual maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system up to 7 years!

When you do schedule a tune-up appointment because we know you will.

Here is a list of things your Service Legends HVAC technician will assess:

  • Age – Although the age of your heating system can provide a basic starting point for our evaluation of your system, it is only a starting point. Heating systems generally function for fifteen years or more, but just because your system is old does not mean you have to replace it. We will evaluate your whole system before giving you suggestions or advice about what to do next.
  • Performance – We will check to see if your heating system is performing properly. If your heating system is making strange noises, giving inconsistent temperatures, breaking down under stress, changing colors in the burner flame, producing impurities in your indoor air, or anything else we might find, it could mean that you must have your furnace repaired or replaced immediately. You and your family’s safety could be at stake!
  • Efficiency – If your heating system is struggling to stay alive, it could be causing you a bigger expense and bigger nuisance than it is worth. Inefficient heating systems use up much more fuel or electricity, driving up costs and creating unnecessary energy inefficiencies.
  • Reliability – We will help you decide if you are wasting money on an unreliable system. Just as you wouldn’t buy a new transmission for a $1500 car, you don’t want to make the same mistake with your heating system. If your repair costs for your current system have added up to half or more the cost of buying a new furnace, we definitely recommend replacing your current system. It is probably in its final years anyway and the longer you keep it, the more money you will lose.

This fall, make sure you take the steps necessary to keep your heating system working properly this winter. Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary and sometimes a requirement for any warranties you may have on your equipment.

Call Service Legends (515-COMFORT) to schedule your pre-season heating maintenance appointment! Don’t forget to ask us about our other services, including Heating, Air, Geothermal, and Indoor Air Quality. Our goal is always comfort, reliability, and peace of mind in your home. Content by

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