Service with a greater purpose

September Tune Up Challenge!

    As part of Service Legends’ “Service With a Greater Purpose” initiatives, it is our mission to warm hearts and then homes. For every tune up scheduled now until the end of September, we will donate $30 to either:

  • Youth Emergency Services & Shelter
  • Animal Rescue League of Iowa
  • Meals From the Heartland

  • Our goal is 234 tune ups!

    Please visit our facebook page to vote.

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guaranteed to keep your furnace running for an entire year!

It’s important to remember; most manufacturers require annual check-ups to keep your warranty valid.

Other costly consequences:

  • 85% of our late-night emergency calls could be prevented with an annual tune up
  • Life expectancy is cut in half if the furnace is not getting proper maintenance
  • If not cared for, energy consumption increases by at least 20%
Call 515-657-6427 or Request An Appointment Now!