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“My wife and I recently moved into a Townhouse that was built it 2016 in Waukee, Ia. We love it, and the area. It wasn’t long until we realized that there was a lot of dust in the house and my wife has allergies. I had looked in the attic which, as I had suspected, was blown in cellulose insulation. I also discovered that most all of the ceiling lights, fans, heat and return air vents, smoke detectors etc. were not sealed to prevent the dusty insulation from being sucked into the house. Tyler and Jamie from Service Legends came to assess our concerns and spent 2 1/2 hours inspecting our HVAC system, and climbed up into the attic and verified my concerns with the dust coming through the unsealed ceiling openings. We have wholeheartedly agreed to hire Service Legends to, 1) do an initial blower door pressure test. 2) remove the dirty/dusty cellulose insulation from the attic. 3) ad extra soffit air baffles for venting attic space. 4) spray 2″ of closed cell foam insulation in attic, on top of ceiling drywall and sealing all of the openings that have been cut through the ceiling drywall for a complete air tight attic. 5) perform a 2nd blower door test to demonstrate guaranteed air sealing results in attic space. 6) blow in new fiberglass insulation on top of 2″ spray foam insulation for total R 60 attic insulation. 7) install micro particle filter system in furnace return air system. 8) perform complete HVAC system cleaning. 9) Tyler and Jamie explained to me exactly how they would clean all supply and return air ducts and would also clean the resistance heating element, furnace blower fan and air conditioner A coil. 10) SERVICE LEGENDS provides WRITTEN TOTAL SECURITY GUARANTEES WITH 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.”