Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Valerie Johannsen People & Brand Manager

Since spring cleaning is here, the Service Legends team has compiled a list of all-time favorite cleaning tricks – beloved tips that we use in our own homes almost every day!

7 Cleaning Tasks

These 7 cleaning tasks can proudly display our stamp of approval:

  1. How to Clean Your Coffee Maker. Cleaning your coffee maker with white vinegar at least once a month will drastically improve the taste of your coffee.
  2. Get Rid of Drink Rings. No, this not a typo – mayonnaise can actually remove drink rings from your wood furniture. Give it a try!
  3. Clean Your Microwave With a Lemon. This tip is too good not to share. Pop a lemon into the microwave to loosen food particles and create an instant air freshener.
  4. How to Polish Copper. Tarnished copper is quite an eyesore. This trick starts working as soon as you start scrubbing – talk about instant gratification! All you need are a lemon and coarse salt. Sprinkle the cut side of a lemon half with the salt, then rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam.
  5. Remove Pet Hair. Try removing pet hair by putting a rubber glove on your hand and running your hand over the surface of everything. This trick works better than a lint roller or duct tape.
  6. Get Your Disposal Squeaky Clean. Sometimes garbage disposals tend to smell like, well, garbage. Luckily, freshening your garbage disposal only takes a lemon and some baking soda.
  7. Disinfect Your Kitchen Sponge. A study from the USDA found that the microwave is the best way to kill bacteria, yeast, and mold in kitchen sponges.

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