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5 Simple, Summer Home Improvement Ideas


Valerie Johannsen People & Brand Manager

The summer is an ideal time to start working on those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all year. The warmer weather, longer days, school breaks and extended vacations all coincide to create a “perfect improvement storm.” Outdoor projects are popular endeavors, especially in the early summer when the weather is still mild in many areas (including Des Moines). Deck maintenance, window repair and landscape improvements all top the list of summer projects. Maybe you’ve got the time, but need some inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of simple home improvement projects that are ideal for the summer season.

5 Home Improvement Ideas

You’ll also find helpful links that offer in-depth instructions on how to complete the projects.

  1. Deck Maintenance – If you have a deck that needs some work, the summer is the best time to tackle improvements. Loose or broken boards are a safety hazard and should be the first priority when assessing deck work. Tighten boards or replace rotted pieces before moving onto other maintenance work including power washing or re-staining the wood. You’ll want to give your deck several days to dry after it has been re-stained, so make sure to pick a period where you won’t need it for a few days. Repairing Decks and Railing
  2. Window Repair – Windows that leak are a huge waste of energy – and the summer is an ideal time to repair them. Simply adding some caulk around the panes to reinforce them will help greatly in cutting down leaks. Caulk, a caulk gun and a putty knife is all you need for this project, but understand that it will take some time. Caulking (or re-caulking) windows is also a job that should be dictated by the weather. Make sure that the temperature is warm, but the humidity is low. If there is rain in the forecast, wait until the skies are clear – rain and high humidity can affect how the caulk dries. How to Caulk Windows
  3. Landscaping – Early summer is a great time to assess the landscape in your front and back yard. Spring storms can do damage to trees, plants, and gardens, but often the damage takes time to manifest. Check for dead, hanging tree limbs and plants that didn’t survive storm season. Make sure that you prune any trees or bushes that have grown too close to the house or the HVAC condenser. Watch for vines that may have taken over parts of your home exterior, trees or fence. Certain vines can cause costly damage and even kill trees. Summer Gardening
  4. Gutter Cleaning – Early summer is also a great time to clean your gutters. Spring storms can inundate gutters with leaves, and in some seasons can be even worse than fall. Gutter cleaning is an essential project that should be performed at least twice a year (after the transitional seasons), and is much easier when the weather is pleasant. Check for leaks or cracks in the gutters, which should be repaired, and be mindful of rust. If you have gutters old enough to have rust issues, it might be time to replace them. Tips for Cleaning and Repairing Gutters
  5. Cleaning Projects – If you’ve put off time-consuming cleaning projects, now is the time to jump into them. Cleaning the garage, storage shed or even the grill can be relaxing endeavors if the weather is pleasant. Early summer is also a good time to wash your windows, especially if your area is experiencing a dry spell. Much like repairing window leaks, clean windows can easily be compromised by rain and humidity. 28 Easy Summer Weekend Projects

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