HVAC Installation

New Furnace Installation

Buy the last furnace you’ll ever need.

Lower your utility bills and add value to your home by getting a premium new furnace that comes with a Lifetime Unit Replacement Guarantee! Can it get any better?

When it comes to furnace service in Des Moines, we pride ourselves on how well we meet your needs and we understand how critical it is for you and your family to get help when Iowa’s winter temperatures make you appreciate your furnace more than ever.

You can’t afford to take any chances with a new HVAC unit and the most important day of a new furnace is the day it’s installed. We guarantee our expert technicians will install your new furnace correctly — the first time.

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How does buying a new furnace work?

Before installing a new furnace in your home, our Home Comfort Heroes will conduct a thorough Engineering Analysis that takes into account the various factors of your home including:

Technical requirements like square footage, how many levels, the style and layout, window placement, insulation and other factors that can affect the size of your heating system.

Code requirements specific to your city and the state of Iowa.

Environmental choices like smart thermostats or whole house humidifiers and other furnace add-ons to help improve your home’s air quality.

Check out our blog for more information on what affects the cost of a new furnace.

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Benefits of installing a new furnace:

  • Lower energy bills—guaranteed to save 25% in energy savings
  • Peace of mind with a Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty
  • Custom design to meet your family’s budget and needs
  • Professionally installed by background-checked, drug-tested and certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction or you get your money back

New Furnace Financing Options

We offer great rates on new HVAC units through our special Homeowner Helper Financing Program. If for some reason you don’t qualify for our HVAC financing program, we’ll still give you a $149 Super Tune Up for free!

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New Air Conditioner Installation

As important as it is to have a working furnace during Iowa’s winter months, it’s equally as important to have an efficient air conditioner during the summer months. And when it comes to air conditioner service in Des Moines, our premium units feature the same guarantees you’ve come to trust with our furnaces.

Signs your air conditioner needs replacing:

Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old. An air conditioner, if properly maintained, can last up to 15 years, but replacing it at 10 years can be more cost effective. Though your current system may last another 5 years, replacing it now can lower your energy costs, essentially allowing the system to pay for itself.

Your air conditioner requires frequent repairs. If your air conditioner requires frequent repairs, it is highly recommended you replace it, as it is very costly to continue paying for repairs. While it might cost more money upfront, installing a new AC system will save you money long-term.

Inconsistency. If you notice certain rooms getting too much air and others not enough, it is probably time to replace your current system. The older your system gets, the less efficient it is at cooling properly.

When shopping around for a qualified HVAC technician, learn which questions you should ask to ensure your AC is installed properly. Anyone who gives you a quote before fully inspecting your home, HVAC system, insulation and ventilation is doing it wrong.

The most common problem with new air conditioning installations is installing the wrong-sized unit. Sadly, over half of all new HVAC systems aren’t installed properly.

We’ll be happy to assist you in finding an HVAC system that suits your needs and budget. If you haven’t done so yet, schedule your annual air conditioning tune up in order to keep your system running for a long time.

If you think your air conditioner needs replacing, give us a call today at 515-657-6634 to schedule an appointment.

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At Service Legends, we take pride in heating and cooling Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Our HVAC services include furnace and air conditioner installation, repairs, maintenance and tune ups. Our lineup of Indoor Air Quality solutions includes whole home humidifiers, air purifiers and air filtration systems. We can even help with HVAC financing.

Call 515-657-6634 to contact our Home Comfort Heroes today. We’re standing by 24/7.

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When we needed our ac replaced, we also got our furnace system replaced as well. It will save us in the long run. They did such an amazing & professional job. Darlene Hill