2-for-1 Safety Inspection

$99 2-for-1 Special + $50 Voucher

For just $99, you’ll get a full-scale safety inspection on BOTH your AC and furnace systems! And to sweeten the deal we’ll throw in a $50 voucher for the first 100 clients toward any future repairs you might need now or down the road in 2021.

Peace of Mind All Season Long

A safety inspection can be beneficial at any point in the year, however, they are especially helpful when seasons change. Being proactive allows us to inspect your furnace at season end, so it’s ready to fire up when the temps dip in fall!  Getting a jump start on the cooling season with a safety inspection let’s you know any potential risk for breakdown of your air conditioner  – are all safety components operating correctly? Did last summer inflict any unexpected wear and tear on the system?  Our goal at the end of each safety inspection is to provide you with information so you feel confident  to make and decision regarding your air conditioner and furnace.

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