Get a Free Furnace With the Purchase of an Air Conditioner

The Hottest and Coolest Deal of the Year!

Hello Des Moines,

Brian Leech from Service Legends here. I’m excited to let you know about one of the best furnace deals you are ever going to find in Des Moines. For a limited time, we’re giving Des Moines homeowners a free furnace with the purchase of an air conditioner. This two-for-one special will save you at least $3,400. All you’ll have to pay is $1,241 for the cost of labor to install the furnace.

This is a perfect package deal if you have an older and less-than-optimally-efficient furnace and air conditioner. To make this deal even hotter, we’re offering the option to upgrade your units to include airflow and indoor air quality packages.

These are brand-new, top-quality premium air conditioners and furnaces. Even better, they both come with lifetime unit replacement warranties. This free furnace deal is only available for Des Moines area homeowners.

How can I make this amazing free furnace offer to Des Moines?

Getting a free furnace when you buy an air conditioner may seem too good to be true. But in the name of transparency, January, February and March are historically my slowest months and I end up losing money. So, I’ve decided to create a win-win for homeowners and my team! This offer allows me to keep my Home Comfort Heroes busy so I can keep providing for their families.

If you want the down-and-dirty details, every year big air conditioner manufacturers estimate how many air conditioners to make and there’s no way of knowing what the weather will be like and other factors that impact sales. Because of this, it leaves a lot of leftover inventory.

I saw a great business opportunity in this and went to one of these companies (they won’t allow me to use their name) and bought 180 of these premium air conditioners that were going to just be sitting around. Plus, I bought 180 furnaces all in the six most popular sizes used in Des Moines area homes.

Because of the number I bought and the time of the year I purchased them, I got an unbelievable deal with rock bottom prices. Also, I’ve made arrangements to provide qualified homeowners with an amazing financing plan that has no marked-up interest rate — unlike many other HVAC companies.

That is why when you buy one of these new premium-quality air conditioners, I will give you the furnace for free. All you will have to do is pay $1,241 for the labor it costs to install your free furnace.

I am so confident we will exceed your expectations, I will let you “test drive” a new heating and cooling system for a year. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your new system after one year, we will make it right. You can’t lose!

Call now before this hot deal stops cold.

Better hurry, I’ve only got 180 matched systems in 6 sizes, so you’ll want to let me know if you’re interested as soon as possible. Once these free furnaces and AC units are gone, the Hottest and Coolest Deal of the Year will be over!

Call Service Legends at 515-657-6634 or schedule an appointment online to set up a time for our Home Comfort Heroes to come out and measure your home to see if I’ve got the properly sized unit.