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Common Home Fire Threats


Valerie Johannsen People & Brand Manager

October is National Fire Prevention Month. Home fires cause an average of 2,650 deaths and $7.1 billion in direct property loss in the U.S. every year.

With the risk of fire dramatically increasing as we head into cooler months, it’s important to make sure you know how to keep your home and family safe. Today we’re sharing common home fire threats and what you can do to reduce your risk of having a fire happen in your home.

  1. Cooking. Fire safety starts in the kitchen. Cooking, especially stove-top cooking, represents the leading cause of home fires. Many of these fires occur after residents accidentally leave food cooking on the stove. Make it a habit to never leave the kitchen while the burner is on.
  2. Heating. The second most common cause of home fires is heating. Electric space heaters start a lot of trouble since sheets or window curtains can accidentally come in contact with a unit and ignite. A space heater needs 3-feet of clear space all around it in all directions, keeping it away from anything potentially flammable. In addition, homeowners should have their central heating equipment professionally inspected and serviced each heating season.
  3. Smoking. Smoking is the third most common cause of home fires and the top cause of home fire deaths. If you have a smoker in the house, the best way to prevent cigarette-related home fires is to institute a policy of no smoking indoors.  In addition, cigarettes should be doused with water before they are thrown away.
  4. Electrical. Electrical cords are another top cause of home fires. Deteriorated or frayed cords can easily cause a home fire due to an unrestrained electrical current. The best way to avoid an electrical fire is to check all of your cords to ensure none of them are damaged. Replace any that appear worn out. Also, make sure you aren’t overloading circuits.

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